Chilled Music/New Song Release/Spotify Playlists

Hi everyone, I released a chilled and atmospheric song in March called “Another Day”. This song was about showing gratitude for the small moments in life, conversations with loved ones, different seasons (autumn, winter, spring), and many other things that might be taken for granted. Like most of my songs, I kept the arrangement simple,Continue reading “Chilled Music/New Song Release/Spotify Playlists”

New Music Release

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great January. I’ve been learning how to use a new DAW, recording covers and planning my music schedule. Unfixable, a song that I recorded last year, is coming out on the 4th March 2022! You can pre-save it now by clicking below.This means that on release day, Spotify will addContinue reading “New Music Release”

Wait For You (Acoustic Version) Out Now

Hi everyone, I hope you’re having a great start to the new year so far. The acoustic version of Wait For You is out now. It’s great to share it with you guys! You can find it on Spotify by clicking on the Music page on this website. I have included other links below. AsContinue reading “Wait For You (Acoustic Version) Out Now”

Autumn Gigs and New Single

Hi Everyone, I’m looking forward to playing at some live shows in the next couple of months. You’ll get a chance to hear a live rendition of my upcoming single “Wait For You” and many more original songs. For more information about gigs, stay tuned (as more shows/open mics come along, I’ll update the list).Continue reading “Autumn Gigs and New Single”