Chilled Music/New Song Release/Spotify Playlists

Hi everyone,

I released a chilled and atmospheric song in March called “Another Day”. This song was about showing gratitude for the small moments in life, conversations with loved ones, different seasons (autumn, winter, spring), and many other things that might be taken for granted. Like most of my songs, I kept the arrangement simple, and I love backing vocals, so I included some in this track.

We’re now in May, and I have a new song that came out on the 5th! It’s called “Courage”. When this new song idea came to me, I felt super hopeful and joyful about life, despite good or tumultuous moments, I wanted to translate that state of being into a song. “Courage” is a mid-tempo track, driven by guitar and piano melodies. I really like how uplifting the lyrics are!

“Courage” has also been added to some cool playlists!

FVMusicBlog-Discovered This Week

Virmedius-Camping Music Playlist 2023

You can also submit your here to be featured on one of their playlists!

Nas Music

I hope you enjoy listening to my new song, and stay tuned for more music this year!

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